The western mountains will offer you a chance to harvest a beautiful bear. We have over 40 years guiding and hunting experience in this area. Come hunt over active bait sites, baited daily with donuts, candy, granola, and pastries. Hunt from ground blinds or stands.

BAIT HUNTERS will leave early in the afternoon and will be picked up, brought to hunting area and returned to their cabin in the evening.

DOG HUNTERS will leave early in the morning for a fast paced hunt with great hounds and handlers. They are from N. Carolina and will work extremely hard for you.

We also have free coyote hunting over bait for guests.

Non-resident licenses are available locally or may be obtained from the State of Maine: Click here to apply. (Prices listed do not include the agent fee)
6 Day Hunts Monday thru Saturday - Arrive and Depart on Sundays
Bear Over Bait:   $1,200.00 *
    *bring 6 or more people and it's $1,000/person
Bear with Hounds: $1,500.00
Bear with Bait/Hound Combo: $1,800.00
Please call (207) 668-4872 or email us for additional information on time and location.
Fully Guided Hunts  
Includes guide, lodging, transportation to and from hunting area and some care of the animal. Lodging not included in day hunts. Please call (207) 668-4872 or email us for more information.